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Efficient, Trusted, IT Solutions

We do more than fix what’s broken.
As a Managed Service Provider, we offer specialized, one-on-one support for all your company’s IT needs. We evaluate your network and develop a custom fit solution to manage your systems most effectively.

We’ve got you covered.

  • Making cutting edge technology affordable
  • Providing quick response time & efficient solutions
  • Helping your company meet criteria to be eligible for cyber insurance
  • Omitting the need to hire a qualified in-house IT technician
Your business cannot operate without technology. Your internal and external communication depends on it. IT protects your company’s private financial data and other confidential information that doesn’t need to be compromised.

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What’s the difference between Break Fix and Managed Services?

A Break Fix Provider is a vendor that is called when needed. A Managed Services Provider, like us, is an outsourced technology partner.
As a Managed Service Provider, we offer:
  • Flat monthly fees for service, omitting employee costs
  • The most efficient technology and security services due to working in multiple environments
  • A financial incentive to keep you running effectively
Break Fix Providers:
  • Have no monthly fees for service, but have no vested interest in keeping your business running
  • Typically have the slowest response times
  • Bill by the hour and earn more the longer they work

“We have been very satisfied with their attention to detail, professionalism, courtesy and work ethic. They have solved all our problems quickly and gotten us back up and running with minimal interruption. We would recommend them to anyone looking for help with any type of computer, wiring or security issues.”

Jean F. Kelley, Administrator
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How much should your company budget for IT?

Your company’s yearly I.T. budget will vary depending on the industry that you are in and the systems that you use. Use the chart below to see what other industries are investing in their IT solutions. All percentages are based on yearly gross profit.




Financial Services


High Tech





What security does my business need?

Protecting your employees and business from malware is a must. Securing your information from cyber threats minimizes the risk of financial loss or damage to your company’s reputation.

Keep your company safe with secure hardware. We suggest businesses invest in a business-grade firewall or router, secure wireless access points, managed and configured switches, and a secure on-site backup location.

Software is also crucial in keeping your classified information guarded. To prevent cyber-attacks, incorporate business-grade anti-virus and anti-ransomware software, hosted email security, and offsite back-up with offsite storage into your security solution.