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Case Studies Lightwire Solutions

At Lightwire Solutions, we focus on providing business IT & multi-tiered backup solutions that keep our clients’ networks up and running.

Our clients’ IT needs are our first priority. When a network, security, or communication issue arises, we are quick to respond with an expert opinion and resolution. Lightwire serves a variety of industries across North Alabama & Middle Tennessee, ranging from healthcare IT compliance to multi-location network management.

Read below how we have successfully helped our clients resolve their IT issues and implement lasting solutions.

Building a HIPAA Compliant Network

Gill Family Medicine turned to Lightwire Solutions to implement HIPAA hi-tech compliance solutions within the company, due to the changes in government mandates.

Providing seamless network communication between multiple locations

When LawLers Barbecue contacted Lightwire Solutions, they needed assistance in creating a more efficient way to communicate between locations.

Network reliability is imperative to a successful business

Red Sage Communications, Inc. needed robust technology solutions to manage large file sizes and a mixed Mac/PC environment.

Establishing a multi-tiered backup approach to prevent disaster

Lightwire Solutions installed multiple defensive measures as well as offsite backup to ensure our downtime is minimized as well as implementing disaster mitigation technologies for CSFCO.