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Meet the team.

While our highly qualified tech support team can speak geek, they also know how to explain things in ways that our clients understand.

Our team of computer technicians has an extensive background in tech support. If you call our help desk, you will speak with someone who is not only knowledgeable but also local to North Alabama.

Our tech support team will not give you the runaround, or transfer you to three different departments before you receive advice that isn’t helpful. With each tech question asked, you will receive an answer that is easily understood.

Daniel Starr

Managing Partner

Troy Nelson

Service Coordinator

James Pitts

Project Coordinator

Audra Terry

Office Manager

Cheyenne Barran

Office Assistant

Danny Todd

T1 Project Technician

Matt Woods

T2 Project Technician

Zack Bain

T2 Service Technician

Drew McArthur

T1 Service Technician

Cesar Gallegos

T1 Service Technician