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Case Studies: Business IT Support

IT network reliability is imperative to a successful business.

Migrating to Office 365, providing VPN access, and ensuring off-site backup

Red Sage Communications, Inc. is a small marketing firm, but the company needs robust IT network solutions due to the management of large file sizes and a mixed Mac/PC environment.  They live and breathe by the reliability of their network and systems, and keeping everything up and running is absolutely crucial to the work they do. Lightwire assisted in the company’s migration to Office 365 and worked with them to implement Office 365’s document sharing and team collaboration tools.

Red Sage is moving towards creating a virtual workplace, allowing employees to work flexibly from anywhere. Lightwire set up and installed secure, remote VPN access for all employees. Doing so enabled their team to have access to their files at all times. A nightly offsite backup of their files to a secure location was also implemented, ensuring the safety of their clients’ materials and related files. Lightwire will help Red Sage move all server files to the cloud as part of the next phase of services.

“Lightwire is a perfect fit for small businesses who are looking for responsive, affordable, and knowledgeable IT support. They helped our company with a migration to Office 365 and offsite backup, and we couldn’t be happier with the planning, communication, implementation, and process. They go above and beyond to communicate and make sure all issues are addressed. I highly recommend Lightwire!”
Ellen Didier, President
Red Sage Communications, Inc.