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Case Studies: Offsite Backup

Establishing a Multi-Tiered Backup Approach to Prevent Disaster

If you only have one backup, you have no backup

Contractor Service & Fabrication, Inc. (CSFCO) is a large company with multiple locations throughout North Alabama. After discussing solutions with the CSFCO team, we determined it would be best to back up each server offsite nightly. Doing so ensures that if the local machine becomes infected, the offsite backup is safe. Also, in the event of a disaster, like the building burning down, their server can be rebooted and ran from the cloud until power, internet, and the building can be restored locally ensuring that business can continue to run.

“All of my experience during our association with Lightwire has been positive and the company has consistently completed projects timely and successfully. I have found that their customer service is excellent and the employees are knowledgeable, diligent and very responsive. I am pleased to recommend Lightwire as an IT service provider.”

Phil Daymond Chief, Financial Officer
Contractor Service & Fabrication, Inc.